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Occlusal Guards

What is it?

An occlusal guard, or a night guard is a removable device that fits over the teeth. This guard is often used for patients with teeth grinding issues, bite dysfunctions, or temporomandibular joint (TMD) disorders. Night guards help protect teeth and prevent the deterioration that can result from grinding.

How do they work?

Occlusal guards cannot address the underlying cause of grinding, but instead prevent further damage on the teeth. If grinding goes untreated, teeth can fracture or tooth loss can occur. The guard can also help to relax the jaw to reduce the force of grinding.

Getting an Occlusal Guard

Occlusal guards  generally require two visits to the dentist. The first will involve impressions of the mouth, which will then be sent to a lab to produce a custom guard to fit the patient's mouth. The second visit will involve the fitting of the guard, as well as maintenance and care.

Adjusting to an Occlusal Guard 

 The first few weeks with an occlusal guard can be somewhat difficult; however, patients often sleep very well after acclimation. If after a few weeks the guard still feels uncomfortable, your dentist may need to further adjust your guard.


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